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Sound Therapy on the Sunshine Coast

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The TANK Sound Therapy room combines carefully considered therapeutic sound techniques which have been shown to affect physiology, neurology and psychology with the latest audio technology built into our custom sound therapy tables.

As well as our Sound Therapy room we also offer guided sound healing sessions on our sun drenched balcony. The balcony at TANK has incredible farm views which form the perfect backdrop for a sound healing. While your eyes might be closed; your soul knows the farm is there.

The therapeutic sound techniques are delivered using tonal and rhythmic instruments. The tonal instruments used are Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks as well as therapeutic percussion using rainsticks, shakers, chimes and other percussion tools used to maximise the therapeutic process.

Different instruments seem to effect a person in different ways. If a client has muscle tension for example then using Himalayan bowls may offer relief.

It is now widely accepted that most illness is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness. Sound therapy is very effective at reducing stress enabling an individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation.

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