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Franchise & Licensing Opportunities

The most unique, fastest growing, highly successful and profitable wellness and entertainment business is now opening it's doors to potential franchisees, licensees and partners of all shapes and sizes.

If you've fallen in love with the Tank concept and want to be part of bringing our amazing experiences to the world, then contact us today to discuss our international rollout. 

We want you to join our team.

  • Maybe you're a hotel or casino chain looking to add something unique to your offering; or maybe you've visited one of our existing locations and simply can't wait to bring TANK back to your local area.

  • Either way, we are looking for down to earth, wholesome business people who share our passion for making the world a better place while also building highly successful wellness and entertainment businesses. 

  • We plan on making each tank as unique as the next so it helps if you come to us with an idea of where your TANK is going to go. 

  • We don't just want big, expensive venues; we are looking for a range of unique and dynamic locations. From mountain tops to island hideaways; TANK is about exploring and bringing unique experiences to our amazing and loyal, high-end clientele. 

  • For those with significant financial backing, we have a number of A-grade locations in prominent capital city developments in planning. 

  • We are rolling out the TANK franchise all over the world so tell us where you want to go and we'll do our best to make it happen. 

  • Our concept keeps growing; we started as a day spa and bathhouse, and now we are a multi dimensional offering encompassing hospitality, a river cruise and we are now mid-way through planning our first TANK'OTEL. 

  • We have a preference for partnering with self funded, proven entrepreneurs who have experience in either hospitality, wellness or tourism however for the right partner, we may look to co-fund special locations that we believe will add to our offering in new and unique ways. We are also passionate about helping young and hungry individuals with a track record of achieving. 

  • At TANK, our geographic growth model is through company owned, licensed and franchised stores. 

  • We are an incredibly dynamic and agile group that remain flexible and inclusive as our first priority. 

  • We believe that everyone deserves a shot at success and we even support our TANK staff to eventually become business owners if it suits their personal goals and skill set.

  • In addition we also look to partner with entrepreneurs from other sectors and brands with an existing following that aligns with our own to help us accelerate our international expansion.

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