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Sunshine Coast Day Club & Pool Bar, Mooloolaba

At TANK Bathhouse & Spa on the Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba we offer, what many are calling 'the day club experience' yet with a very different twist.

You can still enjoy a drink around the pools like you would in a hotel that allows guest pool access but you also get a lot of other benefits like awesome deep house playing throughout the day, access to our amazing degustation restaurant and a whole lot of YOU TIME!

We are designed for large groups too so you can bring your friends or family for the ultimate day out. Similar to the. experience of a hotel swim up pool bar, TANK Riviera features a champagne bar that is located adjacent to the pool and is serviced by our very friendly bar team who are more than happy to take your order while you float in the magnesium baths. We have six baths to choose from; simple move between them or find one that is the right temperature for you and float away. All tubs are in close proximity to each other so you can be as social as you like. 


Here's what we have at TANK RIVIERA Mooloolaba to give you possibly the best beach club or day club experience:


  1. The best massage on the Sunshine Coast.
    We are confident that the overall experience combined with getting a massage will leave you wanting to come back for more.

  2. 6 hot tubs, each infused with botanicals and set to varying temperatures. The idea is to go from hot to cold to get the optimal therapeutic benefit. If you are like us and searched for a 'day spa with hot tub' whenever you visit a new city, then TANK is exactly what you have been craving. 

  3. A traditional dry hot stone sauna that will heat your body to reduce stress and heal anxiety. So many people say that they have been trying to find a sauna on the Sunshine Coast because they have seen post work-out saunas and hydro therapy recovery centres in other cities. 

  4. A champagne river cruise that will take you down the Mooloolaba waterways to the mouth of the river and past the Sunshine Coasts most opulent homes. 

  5. Our Sunshine Coast Degustation Restaurant designed to let you forget about ordering for a change and sit back and relax as our chef prepares a culinary experience designed and inspired by the many rivieras of the Mediterranean. 

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