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Most Beautiful Venues Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is an absolutely beautiful region, known for it’s stunning scenery and idyllic beaches. Unfortunately, we’re not yet known for our high-quality, visually stunning venues. TANK Riviera is here to change that. At TANK Bathhouses we pride ourselves on our impactful, evocative styling, and believe that aesthetics are a vitally important part of the luxury experience. Luxe, chic surroundings are just part of what we offer at our latest day club precinct - but they’re an important part. As soon as you walk through the beautiful double doors into our welcoming foyer, where you’re greeted by the smell of hand-made scented candles and unique locally designed artworks, you feel transported; whisked away on an opulent European vacation. As you enter the venue you’re met with a sensory feast; crisp washed whites are accented with warm terracotta hues are highlighted by luscious greenery and organic details; inspired by and reminiscent of our favourite Mediterranean riviera hotspots.

Each space is impeccably styled for both form and function; ensuring a truly immersive experience where you feel utterly relaxed and comfortable while luxuriating in understated elegance. You’ll be lulled into a blissful state of serenity where dreamy Tulum vibes meet Ibiza chic; stylish furnishings and delicate tile details offset against a fresh white canvas; deep house beats enveloping you in sound as a cool refreshing breeze caresses your skin. This is truly a sanctuary unlike anything the Sunshine Coast has ever seen, and you’ll be hard pressed to resist the urge to take to the ‘gram. #nofilterrequired.

Our luxury, adults playground is designed to be shared, and the perfect escape from the outside world. From our delicious, lovingly crafted degustation tasting boards to our sexy, delicious cocktails - every part of the Riviera experience is curated to delight.

We recommend you block out your day and make no plans for the evening, because once you float out of our beautiful new venue, you’re going to be so blissed out you may find it hard to get back on Eastern Standard Time.

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