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Day Spa Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast

TANK Riviera is a Luxury Bathhouse & Day Spa with Ibiza vibes, right here on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast. With a Waterfront Lounge where you can relax with a cocktail and take in the gorgeous river views, you’ll be immediately transported. Perfect for groups, functions, anniversaries and special occasions; this is a day spa with a difference; modelled on the day clubs of Europe with a Sunny Coast twist.

day spa mooloolaba with magnesium float tanks

Enter through our beautiful double doors into a whole new world of wellness, as the smell of essential oils and handmade candles wafts in the air and you’re greeted with a warm friendly smile. Let the beats wash over you and the atmosphere envelope you, as you’re guided toward a day of luxury like never before.

Health & Wellness is so vitally important - now more than ever! But a day at the spa doesn’t have to be a quiet affair - speaking in hushed tones as you’re ushered from one cave-like room to another. Enter a whole new world of experiences as you walk through the doors of Riviera - where you will be greeted by smiling faces, vibing tracks and fresh design. Welcome the cool river breeze on your skin as you alternate between pools priming your body for ultimate therapeutic treatment from one of the coasts best masseuses. All fully qualified, our massage therapists believe in a holistic approach to wellness and as such use beautiful botanical essential oils made in-house paired to the needs of each client.

day spa mooloolaba with waterfront dining

The therapeutic benefits of mineral pools have been known in traditional cultures for thousands of years. From the thermal springs of Pamukkale to the Dead Sea, people have been using hydrotherapy to treat and heal their ails since before records existed. And while the concept of float therapy has been around ever since, it’s only been in fairly recent years, that it has made a resurgence and been embraced by the modern wellness community.

TANK takes that concept, and uplevels it tenfold. Enjoy the full TANK Bathhouse experience, luxuriating in the 6 tempered magnesium spas, heated to various temperatures to promote optimal healing and prime your body to get the most of your upcoming treatments. Each pool is infused with botanicals proven to promote different healing properties.

day spa mooloolaba with hot pools

Detoxify and restore in our beautiful artisan dry sauna and wet steam rooms, which are designed to warm your body for ultimate healing and rejuvenation - ridding your of the cumulative toxins and stress of our busy modern lives. Notice the sensation of your muscles loosening and the tension melting away as you relax back into your body. Once you’re suitably unwound, make your way to our treatment lounge, ready to complete your transformation to total bliss. You will have already chosen one of several decadent massage styles, which you can pair with a facial treatment for the absolute ultimate pampering. Our massage treatments are said to be some of the best on the Sunshine Coast but don’t take our word for it. We have total confidence that after a couple of hours with us, your will leave feeling shiny and new.

Packages and vouchers are available for the ultimate lavish gift idea. Our social, upbeat, bathhouse is perfect for singles, couples, large groups & functions. Experience the ultimate in decadent luxury with a bespoke package perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

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