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Whether you are looking to unplug and unwind after a busy week or simply to indulge yourself because you deserve it, there’s an amazing new and unique experience available on the Sunshine Coast. It's all of the best parts of a day club, minus the duf-duf, plus just the right amount of champagne and wellness. OMG! Get me there immediately.

TANK Riviera Spa and Bathhouse on the Riverfront at Mooloolaba is the latest evolution of our highly-popular holistic approach to enhancing well being, nurturing one’s inner peace and reinvigorating the body with an amazing array of bathhouse services. Relax to chilled deep house vibes while you float the day away, enjoy delicious food and laugh with friends.

They say Water is the Essence of Life. Well, at Tank we take that literally!

Magnesium is a highly-acclaimed nutrient essential for healthy muscles, bones, protein and nerves; maintaining good blood pressure and blood sugar levels; and even your DNA.

Tank Spa and Bathhouse has carefull

Mooloolaba Degustation Restaurant
Tank Mooloolaba Degustation Lunch

y created six special magnesium tanks of various temperatures, and infused them with a unique variety of botanicals to give you an experience not found anywhere else in the country.

While the benefits of traditional hot spas are well proven, there are also many health benefits of immersing in cold water (for example, sports teams use ice baths immediately after games and in recovery sessions).

Our Cold Plunge tank helps the body to retain natural oils and keep skin hydrated by closing pores in the skin, while also making you more refreshed, alive and invigorated by increasing your heart rate.

Mooloolaba Massage & Day Spa
Tank Mooloolaba Massage & Day Spa

Tank Riviera Spa and Bathhouse indulges your senses in five specially-infused, relaxing heated tanks - Magnesium at 40*; Ginseng 38*; Peppermint 36*; Lavender 34*; and Vanilla at 32* - with the sixth Cold Plunge tank set at the ambient temperature of the day.

Tank Bathhouse a Day Club in Mooloolaba
Mooloolaba Day Club

But don’t worry - while each of the six tanks offer different and unique relaxation and health benefits, guests may choose which Tanks they wish to experience or move between the 6 as they see fit.

Tank Spa and Bathhouse is the only destination in Australia that offers our combination of amazingly enjoyable relaxation and therapeutic experiences to help sooth the mind, body and soul.

Champagne River Cruise Mooloolaba
Champagne River Cruise Mooloolaba

At Tank you will also experience amazing facials, massages and other treatments from our hand-picked team of skilled therapists; our steam room and traditional hot stone sauna; our degustation restaurant featuring vegan, pescatarian and carnivorous menus; and a range of river experiences on our spacious 55-foot champagne river cruise.

Tank Riviera at Mooloolaba - halfway between Noosa and Caloundra, it’s the perfect waterfront destination for groups, a day out with the girls, weddings, corporate events,

functions or simply a chance to treat yourself or your partner.

Spoil yourself - you deserve it!

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