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Discover the best Day Spa in Mooloolaba at TANK BATHHOUSE.

Situated at the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where the calming waters provide the perfect setting for relaxation, TANK BATHHOUSE shines as the premier destination for rejuvenating day spa experiences in Mooloolaba.

Dive into Relaxation at TANK BATHHOUSE

Unwind in luxury as you step into our deluxe bathhouse, a sanctuary nestled amidst breathtaking waterfront views. Designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation, our bathhouse features six specially crafted magnesium baths, each at a unique temperature and blended with different botanicals for a one-of-a-kind wellness experience.

Savour the soothing warmth of our Western Red Cedar Sauna, or indulge in the aromatic mist of our Moroccan-inspired steam room. Each feature has been thoughtfully designed to create the perfect environment for unwinding and shedding the pressures of daily life.

Unforgettable Wellness Treatments

Our spa treatments standard offerings, provide 2 options including facial and massage wellness experiences. Our professional therapists perform massages and facials on our 11 exclusive massage beds, each curated to cater to your specific relaxation needs. We strive to create a unique spa experience, providing the perfect retreat for those seeking a break from the bustling world outside.

best day spa Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast
Mooloolaba best day spa Sunshine Coast

Restaurant with a View at Riviera

Part of what makes TANK BATHHOUSE the best day spa in Mooloolaba is the extraordinary dining experience at our Riviera restaurant. Our menu features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, carefully crafted to cater to dietary requirements, being both gluten and mostly dairy-free. Under the guidance of our esteemed chef, our team crafts a variety of tapas, degustation options, and multi-course meals to make your spa day a culinary delight as well.

Luxurious Day Spa Extras

Beyond our spa and restaurant, TANK BATHHOUSE provides several unique facilities that contribute to our status as the top day spa in Mooloolaba. Enjoy some downtime in our lower outdoor Waterfront Sunset Lounge, an intimate space designed for relaxation. Browse through our shop and onsite art gallery, both filled with carefully selected pieces that celebrate beauty and craftsmanship.

TANK BATHHOUSE is not merely a day spa; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle rooted in wellness and leisure. It's a place where you can forget about the world and simply relax. Visit to discover more about our unparalleled services and make your booking today. Experience the best day spa in Mooloolaba at TANK BATHHOUSE, where we promise an unforgettable experience designed just for you.

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