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Cheap Romantic Weekend Ideas Sunshine Coast

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Okay, so you're dreaming of a hotel room with hot tub and fire place. Well their not as common as you are hoping and they normally come with a pretty hefty price tag. BUT the good news is there's another option that you may not have considered!

There is no better romantic weekend experience than a full day at Tank Bathhouse and Spa including High Tea, Massage and an hour to soak in the hot tub magnesium pools, wet steam room or dry far infrared saunas PLUS accommodation at one of our local budget "yet awesome" hotels.

If you are looking for cheap but a "little bit fancy" accommodation than you can't go past these little bad boys:

LOEA - Maroochydore

Cheap Hotel Sunshine Coast
LOEA HOTEL Maroochydore

Cheap Hotel Noosa

These are our two favourite places to stay because they are a match with our Hamptons / Beach House style and they also follow the mantra of making amazing things affordable for amazing people. There are plenty of five star hotels on the Sunshine Coast but few offer the genuine, fun, down-to-earth experience that these do. We would rather stay a night here than any other fancy hotel in town. WHY? Because they are beautiful, new, modern and know how to design a space that is aesthetically pleasing and good for the soul.

At Bounce Noosa you have an awesome bar to sit around and drink the day away. The clientele is also great, with lots of travellers to talk to and get to know. Even if you are visiting from Brisbane it feels like you have travelled half way around the world to get there, thanks to the travelling international guests. There is an amazing beach house style pool right in the middle of the courtyard which reminds us of a California Day Club. The cute white umbrellas are just what the doctor ordered.

The only challenge will be dragging yourself away to come see us here at TANK Bathhouse and Spa. But wait, then there's the hang over that begs you to drag yourself to TANK to experience a true day of indulgence and relaxation as you free your body of toxins and revitalise your cells in the saunas, hot tubs and cold plunge pools. We have to admit; waking up with a hangover and coming to TANK for our famous "Healthy High Tea" is a decision hard to miss making.

If you're not into the Noosa scene and you're looking for something a little less "party" and a bit more low key, then LOEA Maroochydore is the best hotel on the Sunshine Coast because it's in a killer location directly opposite the beautiful Maroochy river, has beautiful rooms, a great pool area, oh and a bloody food truck parked smack bang in the courtyard. You won't have to stroll far for a good time. We love waking up to some paddle boarding to work up an appetite then getting stuck into our killer organic high tea!

So, if you're looking for a Hotel room with a hot tub, consider a hotel room and an entire bathhouse for your next romantic weekend escape to the Sunshine Coast.


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