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Things to do in winter on the Sunshine Coast.

Here at our beautiful rural property, we are all about balance. Taking relaxation, health and wellbeing with a completely different approach. We are about good times and laughter too; we encourage you to bring a friend or partner along to connect and share the Tank experience, with some relaxing tunes, while giving yourself some self-love and nurture. Tank Day Spa and Bathhouse is considered the best choice when looking for things to do in winter on the Sunshine Coast.

At Tank we believe the perfect time to detox is ALWAYS; especially winter. There is no better time to prioritise detoxification, to get rid of toxins built inside, getting our mind and bodies ready for the spring season ahead, feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead. Once you experience Tank Day Spa and Bathhouse in winter, you'll find it hard to ever find another experience quite the same.

What better way to start the rejuvenation process than relaxing in the far-infra-red sauna. Benefits include an increased blood flow, stimulating your lymphatic system and releasing toxins from your body.

Many of our clients follow a sauna with our wet steam room. The steam room will kick-start the detox process by helping you get sweat on. The steam opens the pores allowing our magnesium baths to penetrate deeper into the muscles. This helps the muscles, nerves and bones to relax, helping to reduce stress and leaving you deeply relaxed, calming the heart, mind, body and soul.

Our 4 temperature controlled magnesium hot pools will take your mind and spirit on an amazing journey. From hot to cold, you have the choice of 4 core temperatures. PLUS each. of our pools are infused with a different botanical.

But wait, there's more; have you tried High-tea on the Sunshine Coast? Well even if you have, you've never tried it quite like this. Our healthy canapés start off with an immunity juice, a strong antioxidant, helping protect your cells from any damage. Then there's two towers of chef created treats that are made up of savoury and sweat. We. can accomodate a vegan high-tea or a gluten free high-tea; the choice is yours. Plus don't forget your complimentary champagne (This is where the 'balance' part comes in). Without laughter, one can never be completely relaxed. We serve champagne due to it's lectin-free properties and also it's relationship with celebration and good times because we believe that a day spa visit should be as much fun as it is relaxing.

And then there's the treatment; allowing your thoughts to drift away and time to nurture the body, with our massage or facial options that are relaxing and beneficial to relieving aches and pains while treating and hydrating the skin.

Playing at Tank is a real winter treat and a necessity!!! So come and try the best thing to do in winter on the Sunshine Coast and tell us what you think.

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