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Unforgettable Couples Massage Experiences at TANK BATHHOUSE on the Sunshine Coast

Unveiling a world of luxury at the heart of Mooloolaba with our couples massage experiences.

Immersed in the breathtaking backdrop of Mooloolaba, where the sea and river join in harmony, TANK BATHHOUSE redefines the concept of a day-cation. Home to a spectacular waterfront venue and a fusion of world-class facilities, we craft unique experiences that can't be found anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast.

The Epitome of Relaxation: Couple Massage on the Sunshine Coast

One of our acclaimed highlights is the unforgettable experience of couple massages. Designed to release tensions and foster connections, our wellness treatments are delivered by expert therapists on 11 dedicated massage beds. Whether you're looking to escape the everyday, celebrate a special occasion like Valentine's or Mother's Day, or offer a memorable gift through our gift cards, our tailored couples massage experiences hit the mark.

Couples Massage Experiences
The ultimate couples massage experiences

Welcome to an Oasis of Wellness

Our state-of-the-art bathhouse awaits with six unique magnesium baths, each set at a different temperature and infused with a distinct blend of botanicals. Each bath is designed to provide a unique wellness experience, and our professional 'pool boys' are on hand to elevate the experience with a drink from our varied menu.

For the complete wellness package, enjoy the traditional warmth of our Western Red Cedar Sauna or the enveloping steam of our Moroccan-inspired steam room. Our facilities are built to cater to large bookings, making TANK BATHHOUSE the perfect place for hen parties, corporate functions, or a day of pampering with friends.

Culinary Delights at Riviera Restaurant

Food enthusiasts, rejoice! Our Mediterranean-inspired Riviera restaurant is a jewel in the crown of TANK BATHHOUSE. Spearheaded by a renowned chef whose talent was honed aboard superyachts of the rich and famous, the restaurant is both gluten and dairy-free. You can feast on a tantalising selection of tapas, degustation and multi-course offerings, and more, all set against stunning waterfront views.

Celebrate in Style

Our private champagne bar is an exclusive setting for your celebrations, offering an array of cocktails and top-shelf spirits. It comfortably accommodates up to 32 seated guests or a 60-people standing gathering. The Riviera restaurant, with a capacity of up to 150 guests, is perfect for larger events like wedding receptions, birthdays, or our famed New Year's Eve party.

Experience Beyond Expectation

TANK BATHHOUSE is more than a waterfront venue; it's an immersive world that also hosts an art gallery and a meticulously curated shop on-site. The scenic outdoor Waterfront Sunset Lounge is a sublime space for intimate groups looking to wind down.

So, whether you're after a rejuvenating couple massage on the Sunshine Coast, a day of unmatched relaxation, or a dining experience to remember, TANK BATHHOUSE is the destination you've been searching for. Begin your journey by visiting, and let us design your ultimate day-cation experience at TANK BATHHOUSE, the Mediterranean-inspired day club right here on the Sunshine Coast.

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